What Time is it, Kennedy High School?


Jamison Prull

The crazy clocks at Kennedy High School.

A few weeks ago, all of the clocks in Kennedy High School went haywire and still no one knows what time it is.

“For some reason a circuit board in the master clock shorted out, meaning something caused it to ‘fry,’” Associate Principal Jim Muench said.

The clocks are in the process of being fixed, but we will have to be patient. The replacement piece was ordered and its arrival is eagerly awaited.

“We don’t know yet when the part will be here to be installed, but I’m doing everything possible to get this fixed,” Muench said.

When the necessary part does arrive, the repairs will be completed by Cedar Rapids School District electricians. Muench is optimistic that this piece will be the answer to our problems and that nothing more will be needed to fix the damaged circuit board.

For the time being, students and staff are struggling not knowing when class is dismissed, but it could have been much worse.

“Luckily there are two other circuit boards as part of the master clock and we still have the bells to ring for our schedule. Without the bells, we would be in a situation where things might be pretty confusing,” Muench said.