50 Stories for 50 Years: Pep Assembly Enthusiasm Hasn’t Stopped Since 1971


Jamison Prull

Lucas Petsche, sr., and Katie Kolthoff, sr., in the annual co-ed dance routine.

50 Stories for 50 Years is a yearlong series, written by Hannah Ratzer and Mady Kircher. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year we will be republishing stories from all 50 years of past publications. We hope to show off Kennedy’s rich history and success through this series.

Pep assemblies aren’t just a thing of the present. Even in 1971 students were hyped for Kennedy’s wild, spirit-filled pep assemblies.

The following is pulled from Vol. V, No. 1 of the Kennedy High School Torch, published on Friday, October 1, 1971.

JKF pep assemblies subject to questions by roving reporter

Students and teachers were picked at random by the Roving Reporter, junior Lisa Owens, and asked ARE PEP ASSEMBLIES USEFUL? WHY OR WHY NOT?

Jeff McQuiston, sophomore, answered “Yes, especially because I’m on the Cross Country team. It gets their spirits up, and it tells people when, where, and how about a game.”

“Yes” was also answered by Joni Sachett, sophomore. “They promote team spirit; besides you get out of school early. They’re fun to watch, and you get to see the cheerleaders cheer and the football players,” she added.

April Parsons, junior also answered yes and gave “because it gives the new sophomores and new people an opportunity to see the cheerleaders cheer and gives everyone enthusiasm for attending the events” as her reason.

“Yes, they build up confidence for the players and enthusiasm for the spectators,” says Larry Nelson, junior.

Senior Bonnie Eisher answered “Yes,” they make you want to go to the games. It gives you more confidence that we’re going to win.”

“Yes, because it promotes the spirit,” said Deb Edmonds, junior.

Colleen Ferreter, senior, said “Yes, they make me want to go to the games, and they can be funny.”

P. E. teacher Miss Mary Richter said “Yes, I think they get the kids excited before a game and gets them involved with other people.”

Mrs. Dianna Eggers, language arts teacher, concluded by saying yes. “Kennedy is often lacking in school spirit, and pep assemblies at least give people interested a chance to voice and share what they feel for and about Kennedy.”