Blairs Ferry Construction

Alaina Beaman, Writer

A section of Blairs Ferry Road NE was closed last Monday and will reopen on Friday 20th. The roads will be closed at the train tracks where the Canadian National Railroad will be fixing and replacing the tracks.

This is route essential for many daily travelers and is forcing drivers to take detours.

Bret Hoyer, a teacher at Kennedy High School, said, “I have to go down Council stRelated imagereet to go around. I just need to alter my routine and timing a bit.”

The railroad construction is also affecting those who don’t even use the Blairs Ferry route.

Jose Juarez, sr., commented, “I don’t go [on that route] but it’s making the traffic worse. I have to leave for work five minutes earlier.”

Fortunately, the construction will be quick as Blairs Ferry is a busy road. But, 42nd street will get its turn after Blairs Ferry in railroad construction.