“Heathers” The Musical: Preview


Leeanne Mehring-Cruz, Feature Editor

Kennedy High school’s fall musical, “Heathers” premieres on Sept. 15 at 7 p.m. in Kennedy’s black box. The other dates for viewing the musical are Sept. 16 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sept. 21 through Sept. 23 at 7 p.m., also in the black box.

“’Heathers’ is like “Mean Girls” with lots of murder,” James Tolly, sr., said.

“Heathers” is the story of how Veronica Sawyer, the girl who just wants to fit in, complicates her life further by becoming friends with three girls all named Heather and one crazy boy. The musical is a dark comedy; however, it also delivers a romantic side. The musical is based on the classic 90’s movie “Heathers” written by Daniel Waters.

“The best part of the musical, besides the music and hilarious jokes, is that although some of the situations and characters are played to extremes, everything that happens in the play is truly accurate to what life can be like in high school,” Ferin Bergen, sr., said.

Tolly plays Ram Sweeney, a linebacker on the football team and the quarterback’s henchmen. He is a jerk, but has some humanizing moments.

“The best prop is going to be the gun we have brought in. It’s going to sound like a real gun, but it won’t have anything in it, it will just sound and look very realistic,” Tolly said.

Bergen plays Heather McNamara who is the head cheerleader and the “nice” Heather.

“If it’s possible for a Heather to be nice,” Bergen said.

Heather McNamara is a follower of the other two Heathers and does whatever they want her to do until she cracks.

“To be completely honest I think some of the best props are the solo cups and keg that we have in the song “Big Fun,” because it’s so goofy for us to be dancing with them but helps make the scene feel more real,” said Bergen.

Senior Zander Hodge also thinks the best props are the solo cups. Hodge plays Dwight, who’s stereotype is a hipster dork.

“The best part of being in this particular play is the opportunity I’ve been given to create something edgy that will bond the cast to the audience and that bonds cast members to each other,” Hodge said. “I look forward to seeing the audiences’ reaction to all the crazy, goofy, and powerful scenes in the musical.”