Sports vs. Music: Is one favored more than the other?

Changes should be made to the introduction given to 8th graders

Kennedy High School has a wide variety of activities that you can be involved in. Some people believe that certain groups of activities are favored more than others. The question is, sports activities vs. music activities, do you think one is favored more than the other at Kennedy?

In my opinion, music activities are favored over sports activities. I feel very strongly about this for many different reasons.

One reason being that we have some musicals or concerts that the whole school is supposed to go to. For example, before Christmas break the entire student body was required to go to an assembly during school where we sat in the auditorium for 70 minutes and listened to the band and choirs. This was not a bad concert by any means, I just don’t think this should’ve happened during school hours.

Another reason would be is in 8th grade when teachers/staff came from Kennedy to give a speech about the transition to high school and all the high school activities. I remember them briefly talking about sports but music was a huge topic. The vocal teacher and orchestra teacher also visited Harding to tell us all about the musical opportunities and to persuade us to get involved in music.

There was no such thing when it came to sports.

Reason number three is all the opportunities to take music classes for credits at Kennedy. There are band, orchestra, and choir options during school. For athletes there is no class for your specific sport. Most sports ask that you take Performance PE, but in my opinion, everyone should be taking that and staying active.

At Kennedy, some sort of gym class is required for everyone and music is not, but I think that is completely reasonable because everyone should be staying active. There is even a choice of online gym.

Kennedy High School is very diverse and such a great school, but I believe music activities are favored over sports activities. With this being said, I think changes should be made to the introduction to Kennedy speech that is given to 8th graders.