Senior Editorial: Jake Corkery


Jake Corkery, Sports Editor

The end of high school also marks the end of our childhoods. It is a big step in the progression from carefree, playful days to responsibility and adulthood. We are slowly losing our safety nets and we are becoming “real people” as Mr. Grady often says. The world can be harsh and unfair and three of our former classmates journeys have tragically ended too soon. Life is precious and we won’t always know when it is coming to an end but it is important that we find a vision for ourselves and follow it every day. We are fortunate to have attended a well rounded high school where you can pursue your own interests whether it’s sports, fine arts, advanced classes, workshop skills and more. I remember looking up to the class of 2015 golf team and learning from their work ethic. They pushed me to practice harder and I am grateful for the opportunities it opened for me. The experiences I had on the golf course presented me with many opportunities including friendships, scholarships, and jobs. I encourage everyone to take advantage of the many opportunities offered at Kennedy because they can affect your life in ways you would never think of. It is now time to put these skills and experiences to use as we exit high school. It is an exciting time in our lives as we gain independence but we must always remember our values and work to reach our goals every day.