Dear Freshmen, Take Our Advice

As the school year ends, 8th graders are getting closer to becoming 9th graders and entering high school. Every freshman class has worries coming into the school year, but they now have advice from this year’s freshman (soon to be sophomores).

“Enjoy your time in high school, because time goes by fast,” Emily Krall, fr., said. “Don’t waste your time get things done so that you have time for your social life.”

“Don’t procrastinate or you won’t get your homework done and you will fail,” Camryn Ray, fr., said. “It’s better to get your work done early than late.”

“Challenger yourself,” Katie Jensen, fr., said. “Try new classes and do things that you wouldn’t normally think of doing.”

“Don’t hesitate to make new friends,” Jensen said. “You might not keep all your friends from middle school but you will find new people from other schools.”

Although a lot of people are worried about the transition into high school; many people say not to worry.

“I was worried when the year started, but it got easier and a lot more fun as the year went on,” Hannah Wieland, fr., said.