Wehrenberg Theaters: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Thursdays also comes with free popcorn for students.

Ella Phillips

Thursdays also comes with free popcorn for students.

Hannah Ratzer, Writer

I encourage you to take advantage of Student Thursdays, not only for the greatly decreased ticket price, but also for the awesome free popcorn.

A word of caution: Just hope that you get friendly service while you are there.

I have had a couple of different experiences. As I walked into Wehrenberg Theater on April 13, I was super excited to see Gifted, a new release. I didn’t wait in line too long, but I was greeted by a frown and zero friendliness at the ticket window. The employee was not in a good mood, and that definitely rubbed off on me. I wasn’t given an “Enjoy the show!” or even a “Have a great day,” causing me to feel less excited than before.

As I waited in the theater for my friend to arrive, watching Screen Vision (which was slightly annoying as per usual), and scrolling through my phone, I received a text saying she got her ticket for $5. It was student discount day.

I had paid full price, an expensive $10.25.

Though the movie was soon to start, I marched back out into the lobby, determined to get my money back. I waited at guest services for over five minutes for someone to help me. During this time, a manager walked past me. Another employee finally asked if I needed help, and then proceeded to give me confusing instructions on how to get my money back.

I ended up back at the unfriendly ticket counter and as I explained my situation,, the ticket taker was annoyed and unapologetic, but I did receive my money back.

The whole ordeal lasted over 10 minutes and caused me to miss some of the previews before my movie.

Fortunately for Wehrenberg, they managed to redeem themselves a bit as Student Thursdays also comes with free popcorn for students.  As someone who loves seeing movies on an opening weekend, I’m going to return to Wehrenberg. And, the disappointing service I received that time isn’t always the norm.

On April 21, I returned to Wehrenberg and the employee who gave me my ticket was happy and friendly, leaving me with a smile on my face.

Wehrenberg Galaxy 16 Cinema is located at 5340 Council St NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402. Student Thursdays allows students of all ages and school faculty to enjoy a movie for $5 and receive a free 46oz popcorn, just be sure to have your school ID.