Review: 13 Reasons Why

!3 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher

!3 Reasons Why, by Jay Asher

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Irma Dizdarevic, Writer

13 Reasons Why is blowing up. The 13 episode TV show currently available on only Netflix, is getting tons of attention right now.

This show is heart-wrenching, dark and twisted. I promise that you will cry at least once while watching this.

Based on the novel by Jay Asher, the Netflix show is about a suicidal teenage girl named Hannah Baker. She is bombarded with backstabbing high school friends, rumors, drama and heart-breaking situations. Before she decided to take her own life, she recorded 13 reasons why she killed herself on 13 tapes. Tony, her good friend, is seemingly responsible for distributing the tapes to everyone who is on them — he must find and give the tapes to the other 12 people that Hannah thinks are in some way an important part of her life, in some way maybe responsible for her suicide.

The idea is that Hannah wants these people to hear her last words and learn why she committed suicide.

The story is narrated by the character Clay Jensen who is the 11th person on the tapes. As he listens to them for the first time, we learn that he secretly had a crush on Hannah and this makes the show more complex.  The storyline is absolutely heartbreaking as you, the viewer, try to deal with why Hannah killed herself at the same time as Clay finds out, too.

Viewers should know that the show does not shy away from mature issues such as rape, teen drinking, and swearing. The show even shows how Hannah killed herself in great detail. I would not recommend this show for younger audiences.

The show is drawn out and, although it makes sense, might be irritating to watch. Clay insists on listening to the tapes one at a time. He also confronts each person on each tape without even knowing what his reason for being on the tape was or knowing the full story.

It also can be confusing to find out the theme of this book/TV Show. Many readers, viewers, and reviewers have decided that the overall message is that adults will never truly figure out what is going on in teenagers’ lives. Or, maybe the message for us is that the reason why someone commits suicide is complicated.

Despite these evident problems for viewers/readers, 13 Reasons Why is an incredible show and book. The acting is impeccable. Casting was brilliant.

This show may seem like a total bummer, well it is. But it is important for teenagers nowadays to know that words hurt and sometimes a choice they make is not the best choice.