Senior pictures: the insider tips

As the class of 2017 prepares to graduate, they leave some tips to juniors on how to get the most out of senior pictures.

Elizabeth Barrett, Media and Ads Manager

As graduation approaches ever faster, seniors begin to submit yearbook photos, plan for grad parties, and slowly say goodbye to the their high school lives. To commemorate their time in high school and to forever remember their high school selves, many seniors turn to the power of photos to capture their memories.

Booking for senior photos opens very soon, and many juniors already have begun to make plans for their upcoming senior photos. With that in mind, here are some insider tips to getting the most out of senior pictures.

Senior pictures begin before the first photo shoot. Students have to shop for clothing, prepare some varying locations to shoot at, and decide on what they want in their photos.

First, seniors must find a photographer who meshes well with their style, cost level, and artistic needs within their photos. Some may choose to take photos with a local studio, while others take their photos with family members or friends.

The next step is the clothing, essential to creating great senior pictures.

“When I was looking for an outfit, I had first chosen a fancy dress and heels. However, when consulting past seniors, I was told to wear what expresses my personality the best. Since I’m not a very dressed up person on most occasions, I opted to wear more casual things.” said Afnan Elshiekh, sr.

“My mom and I spent some time assembling “timeless outfits” that were classy and flattering on me, but not too high maintenance, easy to change in and out of.” said Claire Pardubsky, sr.

Next, it’s key to go to picturesque locations.

“We went to a cemetery in the Amana Colonies, and a nice lady let us use her beautiful backyard. My favorite place was the backyard, it was actually featured in Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, it was so beautiful I loved every second of it.” said Alexis Weissenberger, sr.

Finally, the actual photo session. For many, taking these photos can be mildly uncomfortable, due to unfamiliarity with posing.

“At first it’s really awkward, but after a while you get used to going to random places. Trust me, your photographer knows what they are doing. They take pictures of you when you are and aren’t paying attention to get the perfect photo.” said Weissenberger on her photos with Alisabeth Von Presley.

“The photographer will tell you how to pose and most of the positions are very natural. It’s a very enjoyable experience.” said Elshiekh on her photos with Kennedy alumni Ellie Klein.

“Photographers cater to your style, and different photographers like to capture different images. It can also get a little tiring smiling so much. It was pretty fun once I loosened up though, and [my photographer] was really encouraging and easy to talk to.” said Pardubsky on her photos with another Kennedy alumni, Mary Mathis.

Of course, once photos are finished, seniors still have to choose which pictures they want to purchase.
“Your senior pictures should be a reflection of you, so make sure that’s what you see when you get them back.” said Elshiekh.