The class of 2017’s senior project(s)

Choosing to do three different tasks will allow for even more students to engage in the 2017’s “Senior Class Project.”

The class of 2017 has decided to take a new approach when it comes to their senior project.

“We have tried to set up activities that work for a wide range of interests and have reached out to all seniors to get involved,” Hannah Peterson, sr., said.

Instead of doing one bigger project, this year’s National Honor Society officers found three beneficial projects to get involved with.

“We have brought Gems of Hope to Kennedy for students to make things for cancer patients like bookmarks and cards, and we are participating in the Thirst Project starting in March which will educate people on water security and other projects,” Peterson said, “We also are trying to plan some activities to make diapers for children in Haiti.”

Choosing to do three different tasks will allow for even more students to engage in the 2017’s “Senior Class Project.”

“We are trying to get students involved so they get experience in the community and have a wide variety of ideas in order to introduce different products of interest,” Peterson said.

The Gems of Hope organization provide support to cancer patients by delivering cards that have quotes and jewelry on them. The Thirst Project fundraises to provide clean drinking water to areas in the world that are without it. The third group that Kennedy is working with is Diapers for Haiti, which provides 40-60 infants with diapers each day.

“Haiti had a big natural disaster so a lot of the kids don’t have those (diapers), some kids are pooping on the floor, and there’s a lot of infections that spread so we’re making diapers for them,” Arshi Munjal, sr., said.

These seniors hope that in the future, Kennedy students will continue to support worthwhile service projects.

“We’re trying to get people to volunteer and not only fulfill their service hours, but also to give back to the community,” Munjal said.

Although it is labeled as a senior project, all Kennedy students are welcome.

“This way the people participating will hopefully find something they love to help with and will continue this after high school to impact more people,” Peterson said.

Want to get involved with this year’s projects? Contact Kennedy National Honor Society members on Twitter @KHSNHS.