Kennedy “cruise” encourages students to consider 2017-18 classes

Registration for next year is underway. What classes will you take?


Lizzy Dennis

Students pass through the social studies hallway at Kennedy during the “cruise” and stop at classes to explore class options for next year.

Should the ship continue to sail?

Kennedy High School students participated in a registration “cruise” organized during Smart Time the past few days. The “cruise” is a time for students to go to classes that they are looking at taking next year.

It’s the first time for Kennedy students to try out the cruise system. In years past, students received from teachers a paper handout with the lists of possible classes to choose.

This year, students “cruise” class possibilities by rotating to different sessions, talking with teachers and asking questions.

There are 15 subjects that students can learn about and as many as 12 different class options for each subject.

“I thought it was helpful and it was a good idea,” Kai Johnson, so., said. She went to three of the four sessions available the first two days of the “cruise” and said that it helped her choose between a lot of classes she was debating on taking.

Katie Jensen, fr., also went to three of the four sessions in the first two days. She went to two classes she thought she was going to take and really liked what the teachers and students had to say about the classes.

“I liked hearing what the students had to say about the classes the most,”  Jensen said.

The third class that Jensen went to was Student Government, just for a place to go, as she hadn’t thought about taking that class before. However, she ended up liking what they had to say and is now thinking about joining.

“I plan on going to AP classes for the last two sessions,” Jensen said.

Both Jensen and Johnson felt the “cruise” has been helpful for them in considering what classes to take next year and their path to graduation the next two or three years. They agree that this should continue next year.


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