Kline Warns Parents about Potentially Dangerous App

It all started with a warning.

On Dec. 12, an email from Principal Jason Kline was sent to alert parents about an social media app that students are using that had just been brought to his attention.

Kline described this app as a “completely anonymous social media networking app.” He warned parents that, unlike other social media sites, adults are not allowed to make an account.

“The only way I can combat what’s happening on the app is to alert parents to take their kids off of it, “ Kline said. “This is a horrible app in my opinion because it allows students to post anonymously and say things that otherwise wouldn’t.”

Although this app seems like a hotbed for potential cyber bullying, there is an agreement that a person must comply with before posting that ensures that they will refrain from bullying and targeting others. This app  ensures that no adults are on the site by linking a user’s Facebook account to see what school they attend.

“I think the app is fun but it could become dangerous to students if you aren’t careful and conscious of what you post,” Makenzie Kovach, sr., said.

As for the school’s “Kinder Kennedy” campaign, this app could potentially be detrimental to its progress.

“Anything that allows students to say negative things to each other goes against what we are trying to do, “ Kline said. He encourages all students to be kind to each other on social media — whether it is an anonymous post or not.