Thanksgiving Break: One week or three days?

Shorter time given for famly and fun

Thanksgiving Break: One week or three days?

Ashley Bisson, Writer

This year the school district switched students’ Thanksgiving break to three days instead of one week. As the holiday approaches — students are out this Wednesday, Nov. 23 and return Monday, Nov. 28 — many students are talking about the shortened vacation week.

“Break should be one week because we need more quality time to spend with family.” Abby Feldmann, fr. said.

Feldmann also thinks students need more time more time to travel to extended family who live far away.

Tasha Gilkison, fr., argues for a longer break, too, saying that Thanksgiving is a national holiday for all Americans to celebrate.

“”If anything, Thanksgiving is more national based, rather than Christmas, which is more religion based,” Gilkison said. The school district’s winter vacation is scheduled for students to be out of school from Thursday, Dec. 22, and return to classes Tuesday, Dec. 3.

The short Thanksgiving break also affects family time, says Nate Sternat. “There isn’t enough time to travel places out of state.”

Olivia Herring, fr., noticed that if the week was longer, students who work “will have more time off” to spend with family., though that week long absence from school may be a little too long for some students. “We might forget everything we learned.”