Homeless night at Kennedy


Madeline Jamrok, Web Manager and Photo Editor

Get a cardboard box and spend the night at Kennedy in the horseshoe to raise awareness for the homeless.

“Homeless night is an event put on by the Kennedy student government. It is a great cause that raises money and awareness for the homelessness of Cedar Rapids,” Jordan Vaske, student government president, said.

This event is on Oct. 27 and to participate you will need to donate $15 to stay the night and an additional $5 if you want a t-shirt.

“We started homeless night 12 years ago and it has grown tremendously. Student government usually raises well over $1000 to give to local homeless charities,” Joe Benedict, student government adviser, said.

Everyone is welcome to participate and many students spend the night every year.

“I have taken part in homeless night for the past two years and plan on going again this year. It gives me a great understanding for the homeless people of Cedar Rapids,” Hailey Dolphin, jr., said.

However, a night outside at the end of October can get chilly and your sleep may be limited.

“I get very exhausted and generally end up sleeping the entire day after,” Dolphin said.

In order for this event to take place, the student government class has to rent a dumpster for the boxes, notify school officials, and inform students on the seriousness of homeless people in the community.

“I highly suggest everyone to sign-up and join us for this year’s homeless night. The donations are greatly appreciated by our local homeless shelters,” Vaske said.

Turn your forms into room 164 by Oct. 19 to register.