Jimmy Johns


Photo provided by Olivia Halfner

Jimmy John’s has been a main sandwich shop in Cedar Rapids throughout the past decade. The reason most people like going there is because of their excellent sandwich options.

The menu consists of four different sections. As a costumer, you have the option of choosing between a plain slim, 8” sub sandwich, giant club sandwich, and The J.J Gargantuan. Within these four sections there’s different types of meat, veggie, and ham combinations. Along with the sandwiches, you can also choose a drink with a side of chips or a cookie.

Personally my favorite sandwich is the #4 item, The Turkey Tom. This sandwich has fresh sliced turkey breast, topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo. My favorite part is the French bread because of its light simple taste. All the ingredients that go into the sandwiches are fresh and clean which is a huge benefactor as to why I love Jimmy John’s.

In Cedar Rapids, there’s four locations spread evenly throughout the city. I think the appearance of restaurants are important to a costumer. Jimmy John’s exceeds at this, with their comfortable booths and sanitary tables I believe it is very appealing.

Along with appearance, Jimmy John’s has excellent customer service. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Also, they are quick in the process of making your sandwich. Some Jimmy John’s locations have a drive through which help with costumer flow.

Compared to other sandwich shops in Cedar Rapids, Jimmy John’s is my favorite and never fails at satisfying me.