A Unique Dining Experience


Photo provided by Brooke McNeal

Brooke McNeal , News editor

If you’re looking for a unique place to eat and knowing you’re eating local products, The Pig and the Porter is the place for you! The atmosphere of this restaurant is so welcoming. Right when I walked in the door, I was greeted immediately and waited on. There is the option for outdoor seating, but I opted to stay inside.

The kitchen is open to the customers so I was able to see my food in the cooking process, I thought this was different but I liked it a lot. The Pig and the Porter has a modern feel with the lights, tables, and chairs.

When I first saw the menu, I was a little taken back because the food wasn’t your normal chicken fingers. I gave it a chance and the server explained that it is supposed to be a “family-style meal” in which we all order something different and then sample each other’s food. There were options such as a calamari salad, pork belly pancake, sea bass, green beans with BBQ eel, and even watermelon salad. I chose a pasta dish with noodles that the server described as “hollow spaghetti”.

While I was waiting for my food the server kept coming back to fill drinks regularly and kept making sure that we were doing good.

My dish didn’t take long at all to cook maybe taking 15 minutes at most to come and that 15 minutes was worth it. The different noodles were so good and soft which made it easy to eat along with the unique sauce that was on it. The portion size was perfect also, I was able to eat all of it and not feel too full.

Price wise, it is a little more than your average Panera mac n cheese but it is worth it knowing that you are eating local products in an amazing dish.

The Pig and the Porter is owned by Matt Melone, Mrs. Melone’s husband, and is located next to Raygun in the Newbo district.