Rats coming to Kennedy

Award money going to a rat lab for Psychology Department

Provided by APA

Provided by APA

Last year Kennedy High School was the very first school in the country to win the Golden Psi Award. This means Kennedy High School specifically shows exemplary levels of students taking psychology and doing well in it. Along with the award, Kennedy received money and will be investing in a rat lab.

“The committee is most impressed by Kennedy’s ability to master open communication among teachers, students and parents for the sole purpose of advancing student achievement,” Tammy Hughes, PhD, chair of the Golden Psi Award selection committee, said. Kennedy was also chosen because of SMART lunch, which the American Psychology Association (APA) says gives students an opportunity to discuss our learning and understanding of the course with teachers and other students.

Dana Melone, AP Psychology teacher, entered Kennedy in the contest due to students’ high desire in taking psychology. Jason Kline, principal, was granted an award trophy and $1,000 for this honor. He gave the money to Melone in regards she would do something educational with it. Melone has decided to buy a rat lab, making Kennedy one of only three schools in the country to have one.

“I don’t have any experience with rats but I’m excited to learn about them,” Melone said. Eight rats can be found in Melone’s room next year after the winter break. “Even if Mr. Cory is your psychology teacher, you are welcome to come in before/after school or during SMART lunch to meet the rats,” Melone said.

The rats are going to be a great addition to Kennedy. Make time during a lunch tutorial and go experiment with the rats.