Simpson College encourages students to take up scholarship opportunity

Kennedy students offered new opportunities to further education


Nathan Sheeley, Writer

On May 17th, a representative from Simpson College, located in Indianola, spoke to Kennedy students about two valuable scholarship opportunities known as the George Washington Carver Scholarship and Fellowship.

The Fellowship is among the most prestigious academic opportunities offered by Simpson College and ranges from a percentage of students’ tuition to full tuition over the course of four years.

All incoming freshmen and transfer students are eligible, and up to 25 students receive annual awards. The Fellowship is given to students who display a passion for the community and motivation to lead.

The Carver Scholarship is also a four-year scholarship, awarded to students from diverse backgrounds who display potential for improving the environment of Simpson while challenging and encouraging others to do the same. The scholarship ranges between $11,000 and $15,000 and an internship that helps the recipient find a job after graduation in his/her desired field.

The scholarships were instituted in 2010 as a tribute to Simpson’s 150th anniversary, and honor the school’s potentially most famous student, George Washington Carver, a notable scientist and avid agriculturalist.

Kennedy students are being encouraged to apply for the scholarship to help further their educational careers, and are being urged to consider Simpson College as a place to continue their education.

For more information, visit the Simpson College website at or contact the Financial Assistance Office at [email protected]