On May 18, two women from St. Lukes came to give some eye-awakening facts.

They had videos to watch to see how serious driving unsafe is, to see that families still struggle from losing a member that was ripped away from them by a car crash.

Did you know that every hour five people are killed in car accidents?

Diving is an action that is easily taken advantage of due to how common and often that you drive.

Since you drive so frequently, you have a tendency to be more comfortable a tiny bit more every time, therefore you do not pay a much attention as you should, such as when you began driving in drivers’ education.

It is simple to forget the car you drive daily is actually a 3,200 pound death machine and with one wrong move you could destroy all of what you know or someone else’s world.

Music, texting, drinking, and even doing your makeup are all distractions that we all need to quit. Even if you are doing it in your car, it could be someone else you injure.

Car accidents are the number one cause of death for people between the ages of 16-20.

“We do not want to see you in the emergency room next,” Nurse Erica said in all seriousness.

Driving is a serious responsibility, and you need to be serious about it, you don’t want to have a regret on you from one wrong second.