Striking Records: James Jambois Bowling Profile

For more than ten years, senior James Jambois has been doing what he loves, and doing it well. With a nearly perfect high score of 287, Jambois plays for more than just fun; he plays to win. He is the first boy in Kennedy history to make first team all-state, as well as first and second team all-conference and first team all-metro.

Jambois has bowled for Kennedy all four years of high school, practicing four times a week for about three hours at a time. He started playing at the age of seven, and started to bowl competitively two years later. He entered his first tournament under his coaches’ advice when he was nine years old, and has enjoyed bowling ever since.

It hasn’t always been easy, however, and Jambois knows what it is like to feel inadequate. He constantly wants to do the best that he possibly can for his teammates, and there have been times that he felt as if he wasn’t performing well. At moments like these, he turns to his teammates for support.

“Honestly, my biggest motivator is my teammates. They continue to challenge me to work to the best of my ability,” Jambois said.

Watching his teammates play inspires him to do better, and the support that they have for one another is irreplaceable. He gets just as excited as his teammates when they achieve high scores, and his favorite memory from bowling was when his teammate bowled his first perfect match.

Even when he is in his off-season, he practices about twice a week for two hours at a time. Jambois enjoys the accessibility of bowling, and still enjoys playing the sport he discovered over a decade ago.

“I will definitely continue bowling throughout my life, as I can do it anytime that I like,” Jambois said.