Class of 2016 Clean Sweep


Body paint, confetti, and streamers, oh my! The senior class has done it again. The seventh victory in four years.

Plans have been set in motion for the last two weeks. The senior class made donations to get supplies, John Nolan, sr, made the signs, and gave everyone directions.

“I mean what did you expect,” Senior, Michael Ciabatti when asked in his rebuttal on the other classes said it was unfair, as he laughed.

Class of 2016 wanted to leave their mark on the school, and did. One of the most school spirited classes to walk through the historic halls, and even received a plaque.

The best comment out there about the assembly however is by Dr. Deb Aldrich, “When the seniors started to stand for the Special Olympics I almost cried, it was so classy,” The whole school was very respectful at that moment.

It has been a lot of work to leave a legacy, but the senior class has succeeded.