Hey- WPA?


Rylee Fellmer with Jack Hoeger after asking him to WPA.

It’s that time of year again, WPA proposals are starting to begin!

“I like having a dance where the girl asks the boy because it changes things up and the boys shouldn’t always have to do all the work,” Camryn Jeffords, so., said.

WPA is Kennedy’s school dance called ‘Women Pay All’ where the roles are reversed and the girl has to ask the guy.

“I think it’s fun that we get to be put in the guys shoes, its a nice trade-off,” Lauren Kiesey, sr., said.

Freshman Rylee Fellmer asked Jack Hoeger, a student who is a part of our special needs program.

“I asked Jack because my neighbor has downs syndrome and I’ve always worked with like kids with special needs and I decided I should give him the same opportunities we have,” Fellmer, fr., said.

Fellmer is glad she is giving him the opportunity to have fun and dance with other students at WPA.

“Since Jack’s favorite movie is the Sandlot my poster said- ‘Don’t kill me smalls by saying no… WPA’,” Fellmer, fr., said.

Finding a unique way to ask your date is crucial for a lot of WPA proposals.

“It was kind of difficult for me to find a way to ask because there were so many good ideas it was hard to decide,” Jeffords, so., said.

Getting to see friends’ proposals might help you with ideas on ways to ask a date in the future as well.

“It’s fun to see how creative everyone is,” Kiesey, sr., said