Senior picture comparisons

Madeline Jamrok, Writer

Senior pictures can be simple or very complex. Deciding which photographer to use or even how many outfits to shot in can be stressful. Every student wants their pictures to be the best and look the most professional.

“Jill did a great job with my pictures and I had a great time with the photoshoot on the farm,” Alec Hanson, sr., said.

Hanson chose the company Jill Marie to take his senior photos. Jill lives in Brandon, Iowa and has a farm outside, in addition to her studio.

“The shots were unique because of all the nature scenes,” Hanson said.

Many students enjoyed the outdoor part of their photoshoot.

“I really enjoyed taking pictures around downtown Cedar Rapids, the outdoors made for not only a pretty scene but a great time,” Hailey Schultz, sr., said.

Schultz chose to go through the company, Studio U for her senior pictures. Studio U is located in downtown Cedar Rapids.

“I liked everything about Studio U except for how much editing they apply to their clients photos,” Schultz said.

Most students mainly care about the outcome of their photo.

“My favorite thing about my senior photos was the background options. The backgrounds in my photos were different and eye catching,” Brady Gibson, sr., said.

Gibson had his pictures taken through Fusion Edge. The owner of the company is Mary Bortz who has a studio in her house and many outdoor scenes around her house.

“Mary made everything easy and has good taste,” Gibson said.

A good photographer can really have a great impact on many of the seniors experience.

“John made the sessions enjoyable with his funny personality,” Morgan Petsche, sr., said.

Petsche did her senior pictures with the company, Windsong. She got to shoot in three sessions with nine different outfits.

“For a reasonable price, I got to choose as many outfits as I wanted which made for an easy decision on deciding my photographer,” Petsche said.

All four of these companies are highly suggested by these seniors to others looking for senior photography options.

“In the end, after the stress of picking out outfits and setting up dates, senior pictures are special to one another,” Schultz said.