Comedy for a Cause

The National Honor Society officers and Kennedy’s Improv team are putting together their leadership abilities and comedic skills and teaming up for an exciting event tonight.

They will be hosting an Improv night in Kennedy’s auditorium, with all of the proceeds from the event going towards the senior class project.

The total amount of funds needed to complete the project, an all-inclusive playground at Noelridge park, is around $500,000. Kennedy has teamed up with Variety in an effort to help them raise the money.

Students and faculty members have already raised over $4,500 for the senior class project this year, and this event will be just another one of the many ways that the school has illustrated their devotion to the cause.

Sweta Sudhir, one of the national honor society officers, thinks that it’s important for everybody, rather than just national honor society members, to get involved.

“I think it’s really important to show how much the entire school cares about this and to make them feel like they are a part of our project. This is something that is going to affect our entire community, not even just Kennedy students, but anyone who has kids who will benefit from an all-inclusive playground as well,” Sudhir said.

Nathan Schulte, a member of the Improv team, also hopes that the event will bring in a diverse group of students, and is proud to be performing for a cause.

“The whole team really enjoys improving in general and its fun that we get to have a method in which we can share it with the community . We’ve also done it for one night the past three years and I think that its good that we are adding another cause,” Schulte said.

A minimum donation of $5 is required to get into the event, but any donation is welcomed.

The event will begin at 7pm, but it is recommended that participants show up early, as seating is limited. The doors, however, will not open until 6:30pm.