The requirement of weight lifting


“Weight lifting strengthens muscles, ligaments, tendons, and most importantly prevents injuries,” Physical Education teacher Tim Lewis said. The weight lifting program is required for most athletes.

“As a member of the dance team, I am required to weight lift for four months,” Katie Kolthoff, so., said. Although Katie is a dancer, the weight lifting program isn’t tailored any differently for her compared to a wrestler.

“As a 220lbs wrestler, I am required to weight lift a couple times during the wrestling season,” Dalles Jacobus, sr., said.

Wrestling and dancing are two completely different sports but both athletes practice the same lifts.

“Most injuries are non-contact so with practice and working out with weights it helps athletes perform better,” Lewis said.

With dance being a non-contact sport, the weight lifting program is mainly to help dancers prevent injures. Whereas with wrestling the weight lifting program is mainly for building strength to defeat an opponent.

“I do not feel I have gained much muscle weight lifting in the four months I do,” Kolthoff said. Weight lifting makes Kolthoff feel good about herself until the next day when she is sore.

“When I am sore, my performance for dance is weaker due to my arms and legs hurting,” Kolthoff said.

In a wrestlers perspective, “weight lifting is super beneficial for me as it wakes me up and gives me a lot of energy,” Jacobus said.

The weight lifting program has helped Jacobus with several other sports as well. For instance, Jacobus is the offensive guard and defensive end in football and throws shot for track.

Weight lifting helps out with different aspects for each athlete. “Everyone eventually improves and makes gains though,” Lewis said.