Funding Finley


Artwork on display near the art wing

The holidays are a time of giving, and there never seems to be a shortage of fundraisers and charitable events going on around this time.

Whether you want to serve a Christmas dinner for your church, purchase baked goods for the Best Buddies Club, or donate money for the senior class project, there are plenty of ways that you can give back to the community.

For Kennedy’s art students, there is one fundraiser in particular that could have a direct effect on them. The art department at Kennedy is currently lacking the necessary funds to supply its students with essential learning tools.

As a result, art teacher Amanda Finley created a page on, in which anyone can donate any sum of money. The goal is set at a little over $2,000 and the deadline is not until Feb. 15.

Donors can see exactly where the money they donate goes, and every item that the art department plans to purchase is listed on their page. Many of the items that the art department is hoping to purchase are simple tools with insignificant prices. By donating only twenty dollars, a donor would be providing six students with one of the tools that they need.

According to the Donors page, by fulfilling the goal that has been listed, donors will have helped to fund a project that will reach approximately 120 students.

Besides the large amount of students that will be impacted, the project will also achieve Ms. Finley’s goal of being a significant impact.

The students that are currently in her classes have faced a wide variety of struggles, and each and every one of them deserves a chance to become the best artist that they can be.

If you would like to donate to this cause, click on the link below.