New School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer Aaron Leisinger in Officer Hansels office in front of a board full of messages left by students for Hansel.

School Resource Officer Aaron Leisinger in Officer Hansel’s office in front of a board full of messages left by students for Hansel.

While many of the students and teachers here at Kennedy have noticed that the school’s resource officer, Officer Charity, is no longer protecting the halls, relatively few have had the opportunity to meet Officer Aaron Leisinger, the man currently taking over for her.

Due to a knee injury, Officer Charity is taking a temporary leave of absence while she heals, and in the meantime, Officer Leisinger is filling in for her. While it is not certain how long Officer Leisinger will be here, as it is based upon the unpredictable factor of healing time, it is likely that he will be here for approximately half of the school year.

When asked about the reasoning behind his decision to become a school resource officer, Officer Leisinger said that he enjoys teaching. Leisinger stated that if he had not gotten a degree in criminology, then he would have been teaching, and also pointed out that he has taught martial arts, and was a range instructor for the Boy Scouts.

Besides his love for teaching, his desire to provide guidance to students also fueled his decision to become a resource officer.

“Just being able to get out ahead of the problem,” Leisinger said.

As an officer, Leisinger typically deals with students in situations after they have already been caught doing something wrong, whereas as a resource officer, he can try to prevent any wrongdoing from occurring in the first place.

“It’s nice to be able to get out ahead of that and help steer you guys in the right direction,” Leisinger said.

Prior to becoming a school resource officer, Leisinger worked as an auto mechanic, and later graduated with a four year degree in criminology. He is also on the Special Response Team and is a designated marksman.

During his time at Kennedy, Officer Leisinger hopes to steer students lives in the right direction, as well as striving to have as strong of an impact on students as Officer Charity has over the years.

“She truly believes in this position and the impact you can have on students in a positive way, and helping you guys,” Leisinger said. “I hope I have half the impact that Charity did on you guys.”