Parking policy remains the same for next year


“The hills get icy and I slid down one once,” Claire Hauser, so., said about the Lovely Lane parking lot. Hauser has parked at Lovely Lane this whole year.

Hauser has found a quick way around the traffic that comes from everyone trying to leave school right away. This has benefited her and she looks forward to using this technique again next year. Although Hauser hasn’t had many problems parking at Lovely Lane, there are issues with the amount of parking.

“The whole side fills up and then you have to park in the back row,” Hauser said. Once both the side and back row are filled, students tend to park in the middle section, which is reserved for other parking. Parking in the middle area results in a ticket from Carl Barton, one of the school’s security guards.

Kennedy students have many complaints about the parking conditions at the school. Principal Jason Kline has heard the students out, through Twitter, and a discussion on Canvas, but has decided to leave parking the same for next year.

“We tried to come up with solutions this year for next, but every solution we came up with, created more problems than solved,” Kline said.

Kline describes the parking problem as “too few spaces for too many cars.” This is especially apparent in the school’s south parking lot.

An email was sent to parents addressing the parking issues and the decision on next year’s parking after a meeting held on April 13. “With the student enrollment of the current sophomore class (next year’s juniors) being nearly 75 more students than the previous classes we anticipate the student parking situation will be getting even worse next year.”

The email goes on to say that careful consideration was put into the decision of next year’s parking plans, but after further evaluation, it was found that the solutions offered would result in less spaces for Kennedy students to park in.

“Therefore we have decided to maintain the current procedures and policies as are in place right now to maximize the spaces we have,” the email said.

Barton, who handles ticketing parking offences, says he usually hands out about five tickets a day and that parking offences are most often seen in the south lot. He says that students usually run out of spaces and then park at the end of the lot where there are no lines. This kind of parking forces Barton into writing tickets.

“Yeah it’s my fault somehow I parked their car there,” Barton jokingly said about his frustration with students when they blame him for the ticket.

Yeah it’s my fault somehow I parked their car there.

— Carl Barton, joking about giving tickets.

Some students did not want parking to change because they didn’t see many problems with how things went this year, so they were happy to find out that the policies were not changing.

“I think that parking worked well this year. There weren’t many problems other than some sophomores parking in the south lot somehow,” Lydia Yang, jr. said.

Kline continues to look for better parking solutions for the years to come.