Trivia Crack takes over Kennedy

Trivia Crack takes over Kennedy


There have been many teen crazes in the past for different apps, but the most recent is Trivia Crack.

“I first got Trivia Crack when I saw everyone else playing it,” Jessica Williams, so., said.
Trivia Crack is a game that lets friends play against each other to see who has the most trivia knowledge. There are six categories including: Art, Science, History, Entertainment, Geography, and Sports. The goal of the game is to get all of your characters before your opponent. You can get characters by answering three questions right and a bonus question for the character.

“I currently have games with 15 people, but I forgot to play some back so the game resigned,” Alissa Waterhouse, jr., said.

There is also a category you can land on that has a crown. The crown lets you jump right into the question to gain a character.

“I’m not obsessed because I only play it when I have nothing else to do,” Williams said.

Many people in the halls of Kennedy High School play Trivia Crack. Many say they never expected to be as addicted to it as they are.

“I think people that are obsessed are crazy because it’s just a game of guessing and if you don’t get it right then they get frustrated and mad at themselves for not knowing the correct answer,” Waterhouse said.

For many people, it is hard for them to stop playing, especially when people answer back right away. For others, they know when the right time to put the phone down is.

“I play the game whenever my Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat is refreshed, but I don’t think I’m that obsessed because I see my friends keep running out of lives and wanting to keep playing but they can’t,” Waterhouse said. “I also don’t spend my SMART Lunch playing it the whole time.”

From the moment you start playing Trivia Crack, you will more than likely not be able to put your phone down.