Fairy tale fundraiser


Students dressed up as a multitude of characters to entertain children at the drama department fundraiser. Photo provided by Kimberly Pereboom.

Eager children and parents lined up outside of Kennedy on Saturday as they waited for the doors to be opened to the Once Upon A Time breakfast fundraiser being put on by the drama department.

“We’ve held a princess breakfast as a fundraiser for the drama department for the past three years,” Maggie Curry, sr., said. “We usually have a princess themed show to go along with it but, since this year we didn’t we just decided to have all the princesses there.”

Curry dressed up, along with many other students, as Disney characters.  Curry dressed up as the princess Snow White for the breakfast. Children were able to meet a wide variety of characters at the fundraiser, including some favorites like Elsa and Anna from the Disney movie Frozen.

Students weren’t the only ones dressed up at the breakfast. Children were also encouraged to come in their favorite costumes. “When they come in their princess dresses, they are looking for their specific princess. It’s obviously their favorite that they chose for that day,” Curry said. “Finding little girls in Snow White dresses was really fun because we looked exactly the same.”

Along with characters for children to meet, the fundraiser also provided breakfast, a variety of crafts, and a ball for the attendees to enjoy, all for  an admittance price of $5. “We did really well on admittance but were a little shy on attendance this year because of the show not being connected to the breakfast,” Curry explained. “But we made up for that in raffle tickets that were put into a basket drawing.”

The breakfast fundraiser took a lot of help to put on. Students, parents, and staff involved in the drama department came together to put on a fun event for the children of the community to enjoy.

“It’s a great time. A lot of the staff members or older siblings bring kids to the breakfast to enjoy a lot of activities for a low admittance price of $5,” Curry said. “You leave with good memories. It’s like Disney World but in Cedar Rapids.”