NBA Live 14 preview


Torch Coverage

This November a new video game will be coming out. NBA Live 14 will be released on the 19th. It is the first NBA Live series to come out since 2010. Kyrie Irving, point guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers will be on the cover.

The game will have three modes to play including rising star mode; ultimate team and slam dunk challenge.

In rising star mode, you will have a chance to write your own history by creating your own player. The first step in becoming a NBA player is competing in the EA sports draft showcase.  How well you do in the game will determine your draft pick.  You get to manage your created player for up to 25 years.

In Ultimate Team mode you will be able to build your own fantasy basketball team. You can also play with your dream team online. You can choose from a wide variety of players to play with including some of the all time legends.

EA Sports has added a new dribbling system and it will be the newest addition to the game. They will allow the players to have their own dribbling rhythm. For the players that have explosive moves it will allow them to have a fast dribble and will be very difficult to guard. For the slower players that don’t have a quick dribble will be shooting a lot of jump shots. So the gamers will have to watch out for their quick release.

EA sports will be updating every hour that has happen for the NBA. For example, if someone gets traded then EA sports will make the change and it will be in the game.