Summer attire 101

Morgan Schwab

Summer is almost here (finally) and classes are coming to an end. One of the best parts about summer… trading in bulky winter clothes for bathing suits, tank-tops, and flip- flops.

My current summer clothing obsession, as well as others i’m sure, are high waisted shorts. I recently purchased two pairs of high waisted shorts last weekend, one denim pair at Forever 21 and the other pair at American Eagle. Both were very reasonably priced , about $25 to $30 on average.

My favorite thing to wear high waisted shorts with are worn looking t-shirts tucked in with a cute belt to top it off. Add some cute sandals for a day-time look or combat boots for a night out with friends.

Another one of my summer favorites is a nice sundress. In my opinion, every girl needs a versitile sundress to wear to the beach, graduation parties, and the even the mall. Sundresses can be worn as a bikini cover-up or dress it up with sandals and a denim jacket for a more fancy event.

I own several sundresses. One of my “go-too” ones is a maxi dress, which is almost floor length. It is perfect to wear on casual days and so comfortable that I almost forget that it’s cute. On average, a sundress costs about $35 to $45.

Although there are so many good things about summer clothes, and summer in general, students tend to forget the finger tip rule when deciding which shorts to wear to school. If your shorts don’t go past your middle finger, reconsider wearing them to school. But heck, when schools out, go crazy, with your fashion, of course.

Overall, my biggest advice for this summer is to try new things, put together different outfits than normal, and have fun with your style.