New limits on pre-season football practice


Maddy Crist

New football rules have been enforced and Kennedy and other high schools are going to have to change their practice routines. For next summer, two a-days are no longer allowed and normal two-hour practices have been extended to three hours.

These rules were made to protect football players from the heat. The rules are to prevent heat exhaustion and heat related injuries and illnesses.

“I’m a big two hour practice guy and I normally never go over two hours, but now I’m almost forced too,” Tim Lewis, head football coach and Physical Education teacher, said.

These changes can make it difficult for teams and coaches to be as prepared as they could be with more practice time.

“It’s going to force a lot of coaches to change the way they do things,” Lewis said.

For the players, summer two a-days present bonding time and unite them all as a team. The extra practice also pushes their limits as athletes.

“I feel like two a-days are the best part about football because it makes you work harder than usual,” Jacob Shannon, jr., said.

With the lost practice time, coaches and players are hoping it won’t have negative side effects to the team’s performance.

“We just might look back and think what could have been better if we had that extra practice time to get ready for the season,” Austin Holzer, jr., said.

The limits in the pre-season practice time could also be seen as a good thing for the team. “This could help things; new changes to the pre-season routine could be a good change for us,” Lewis said.

The limitations on summer football practices are just a part in the plan for the whole season. Teams are still looking forward to improving and going forward.

“State championship is always the number one goal, but getting off to a better start this year will be our main focus,” Lewis said.