Setback for girls’ golf team


Maddy Crist

With the girls’ first golf meet around the corner, the players still haven’t set foot on a golf course. The weather hasn’t been cooperating with the team’s plans to practice outside.


The first girl’s meet is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2. With the current weather status, the course may not be open in time.


“We haven’t been able to be outside. Our golf course isn’t open and as of right now, there’s no date projected for it to be open. So we are not sure when we can go outside for practice,” Julie Bush, head women’s golf coach and science teacher said.


The team has been making due with practicing inside, for the time being. However, the players are limited to their practicing activities when they are inside a classroom or gym.


“We have two indoor putting greens, that we’ve been working with and we are working on the basics of our swing and learning the rules and lessons on how to play the game,” Bush said.


With meets coming up, the players are anticipating on how well they will do.


“If we get outside, I think we should be okay because the other schools who we will be playing are also practicing inside,” Ali Lindo, sr., said.


For the freshman on the team, they may not have time to get used to the course before their first meet.


“I just wish there was more that we could do to prepare,” Avery Haefner, fr., said.


The team is still hopeful that their season will be successful, even without the help of good weather.


“I think they are going to be a good group, we have a solid group from last year so I just want to see them improve and I definitely think they have a chance to qualify for the state meet,” Bush said.