Gown Town

Lydia Martin

There are girls in need of prom dresses, all through out Cedar Rapids. Z102.9 sponsors the event called Gown Town, which gives girls through out Cedar Rapids the things they need to enjoy their prom. Gown Town takes place at Westdale Mall on Saturday, Feb. 23, from noon to three.

“The dresses go to Westdale Mall, everything is free, no questions asked, anyone who needs prom dresses, shoes, accessories, anything for whatever reason, you just show up and there is no cash register, and you just take it,” Rachel Collins, guidance counselor, said.

Collins has donated dresses in the past, after hearing about Gown Town, on Z102.9. This year Collins asked students and staff of Kennedy to donate as well.

“We only got twelve dresses this year, but next year I hope we get more,” Collins said.

The average girl spends around $1,000 on prom, with shoes, hair, dress and accessories. That is a lot of money for one night. Gown Town is an opportunity for people who don’t have as much money to still be able to enjoy their senior prom.

“In my position as a counselor, people have came to me in the past who can’t afford a dress or pictures or whatever it is, and it just helps to remove that barrier,” Collins said, “I just can’t imagine feeling like I couldn’t go to my prom because of money, I think everyone should have that experience if they want that experience.”

There are many girls from all around Cedar Rapids that attend Gown Town.

“The cool thing is like the girls who come in, are so respectful, they don’t take more than they need, they get exactly what they need or want and then they are on their way,” Collins said.

“It’s kind of like a modern day Cinderella, in that everyone gets to go to the ball,” Collins said.