New Workouts for Baseball

Maddy Crist

Baseball season is just around the corner and pre-season workouts have been going on for a select group of players. These workouts are being held at Arthur Elementary school this year.

This new season also brings a new workout to the baseball players at Kennedy.

“Right now we’re doing more work with medicine balls and some other things to help with their shoulders and elbows,”  Coach Bret Hoyer, said.

Practices cannot be at Kennedy because there is no room due to the other activities going on around the school. For now, Arthur Elementary has been working out well for the players.

“It’s different but it’s not bad. It’s smaller but there are fewer kids in there. It’s pretty much the same as anywhere we go; we can still get a workout in,” Tony Maiers, sr., said.

All the players come together to practice around Feb. 17. The selected group of players will already know the new workouts and will be expected to help coach them to the other players.

“We have a handful of guys right now learning some new exercises so they can help me teach all the 8th and 9th graders that are coming in this year,” Hoyer said.

The group that has been doing offseason work now has been practicing four days a week for an hour and a half.  The days are normally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The workouts are made to get the players arms healthy and in shape. This will hopefully prevent injuries during the season.

“I like doing it because last year our arms were in better shape and stronger and I think it will be even better for us this year,” Maiers said.