Teacher Talents: Kris Hellweg

Tara Mittelberg

When science teacher Kris Hellweg was a child, her parents made she and her three siblings take piano lessons for one year. Although none of her brothers or sisters continued with the hobby, Hellweg has been playing since she was six years old.

At age eight, she switched teachers and began working with a professor at the University of Northern Iowa. He introduced her to classical pieces, which she still enjoys playing to this day. In fact, one of Hellweg’s favorite songs is “Fur Elise,” an early 19th century piece by an unknown composer.

Hellweg continued taking lessons until age 16, when she began playing for her school’s musicals. In college, she continued her hobby.

“It was great when I was in college because I actually played at Von Maur so I got paid to do something I loved to do,” she said.

Today, Hellweg said it’s sometimes difficult to find time to play; however, she generally finds the chance approximately once a week. “It’s just pure enjoyment,” she said. “When I sit down there’s nothing else in my head except just playing.”