Morgan Schwab

As the snow falls and the cold weather sets in, Kennedy High School students stay active with winter sports. A favorite winter activity at Kennedy is snowboarding.

Although popular mountains in our area to visit are Chesnut and Sundown, a favorite for T.J. Roling, sr., is Keystone, Colorado.

“My favorite place to snowboard is Chesnut,” said Johnny Webb, sr.

Quite a few students here at Kennedy enjoy snowboarding in the winter. One of them being Alex Pins, sr. “I know dozens of people here that go, I go with a group of my friends and there’s at least 10 or 15 of us,” he said.

Not so good at snowboarding? No problem. At Sundown Mountain resort private lessons cost $40 and group lessons cost $20 for an hour-an hour and a half.

Lift ticket prices for ages 12 and up at Sundown, in Dubuque, are $42. That’s all you would have to pay if you have your own equipment. If you would need to rent a snowboard and boots, the cost for that is $29.

To prepare for a day at the mountains you would need to get all your equipment cleaned and packed up. Depending on the weather, sometimes a winter coat is not needed, but always pack it because it gets a lot colder when the sun goes down. Other necessities are just the simple things like gloves, hat, scarf, warm socks, etc. Always remember to bring a change of clothes to change into for the ride home so you’re not cold and wet.

Next time you and your friends are looking for something to do, gear up, head up to the mountains, and go snowboarding!