School Cents

School Cents

Maddy Crist

Gift for my mom, $20.

Holiday card at Hallmark, $3.

Candle for my grandma, $8.

The gift you can give to Kennedy High School, priceless.

School Cents is a school fundraiser that is sponsored by Lindale Mall as well as KISS country 96.5. The program started on Oct. 1, and it ends Monday, Dec. 31st.

Anybody in the school can participate in this fundraiser who shops at Lindale Mall. Receipts just need to be saved and put in the boxes located in the customer service at Lindale Mall labeled Kennedy High School. There is also a box here at Kennedy at the attendance window.

“The school does benefit from this, but also the senior class by trying to help raise money for their prom,” Mari Waldschmidt, language arts teacher, said.

The money raised will go towards helping pay for the senior prom or for buying the class gift.

“Last year we raised a total of about $350 from the School Cents fundraiser,” Waldschmidt said.

Every receipt that is put into one of the boxes, earns a certain amount of points. The more points that are earned, the more the sponsors will donate to Kennedy.

“I just think it’s a great way to raise money for the school and it’s nice that anybody can contribute,” Cheryl Lindo, language arts teacher, said.