Just Drew It

Just Drew It

Lydia Martin

Drew Wall, so., died Nov. 26 after his long battle with cancer. Wall was 16 years old. Students are wearing purple today at Kennedy High School for support.

Drew Wall is a student of Kennedy that will always be remembered for his courage, strength, and of course, his smile. Drew’s smile always filled the hallways of Kennedy.

Drew Wall passed away peacefully, Monday, Nov. 26 in his home after suffering from cancer for most of his life. Drew’s wish for his final minutes was to be at home surrounded by his family.

Drew Wall is a true to inspiration to me. His strength and his positive attitude really make me think: why do I go through life not smiling? Drew was going through chemotherapy and suffering and still had a smile on his face at all times. Drew’s smile would brighten up our whole day.

I remember meeting Drew at freshmen orientation. Many students were staring at him wondering, why does that boy have a prosthetic leg? But Drew didn’t care if they stared; he had the biggest smile on his face and was so excited to be a Cougar. For the rest of the school year, every time I saw Drew his smile was there, it never faded.

I understand why Drew was so excited to be a Cougar. It’s honestly an amazing feeling to know we are a part of Kennedy High School. Look at the whole school wearing purple today– teachers, students and staff members are all dressed in purple from head to toe to support Drew Wall and his family.

Drew’s positive attitude, strength and courage impacted his teammates as well. Drew was a member of the golf team who finished second in the state. Drew loved the game of golf and loved his teammates and coaches. The golf team dedicated their district meet to Drew and that was really something special. And of course, all through golf, no matter how Drew was playing that day, he had a smile on his face.

Drew is an inspiration. He touched the lives of many at Kennedy, as well as in Cedar Rapids. Drew’s strength was incredible, but to me Drew’s greatest quality was his positive attitude. His smile and his courage to live life to the fullest is truly inspiring.

Even when we’re fighting our toughest battle, we need to remember to smile, just like Drew. Just Drew it.