Parking problems

Sam Nordstrom


Parking has been a big issue at Kennedy and I don’t feel like the students should have to worry about parking.

For the most part juniors and seniors have been parking in the North and South lot. The sophomores are expected to park at one of the three churches nearby. This might sound like enough parking but it doesn’t work that way.

I was recently given a parking ticket by the school security for parking in a “spot blocking traffic.” As I went to school that day I expected to find a parking spot in the South Lot. To my surprise the lot was full. Due to a funeral at one of the churches, many sophomores decided to park in the South Lot.

I parked my car near the end of the parking lot (not in an actual parking spot.) I expected to get a ticket and was angered by this.

Why should juniors have to worry about parking? I not only received a ticket, but I was also forced to move my car to a side street 10 minutes away. It seems unfair that as a junior I should have to fight for spots with other students.

As I walked out to my car I noticed certain cars without passes for the south lot. They hadn’t received a ticket, and were not forced to move their cars. I found this even more ridiculous I had been ticketed $15 for parking in the South Lot because sophomores had taken spots. Why weren’t they ticketed?

This could have been resolved if the sophomores were forced to move their cars and forced to pay a fine. Then all the juniors who didn’t get a spot could have moved their cars back to a legal spot.

I understand that I wasn’t supposed to park where there wasn’t an actual spot but what were my options? The churches were full. I know that the sophomores were in the same dilemma. They should have been the ones that parked in the streets.  It’s all about seniority.

The big issue here is the lack of parking. I think here at Kennedy we should have enough parking for everyone. I don’t think that we should have to park at nearby churches. We need to create more parking and move our practice field over to allow more parking near the North lot.

As I look back at this editorial I understand how dumb this might sound but it really does get annoying having to pay $15 when there should be an open spot. Doesn’t a parking pass permit you to park in the lot?

If sophomores don’t get ticketed when they park illegally, why do we even have parking permits? Parking permits seem pretty meaningless to me. They don’t guarantee you a spot and it’s possible to still get a ticket parking in that lot.

Where does the money collected from fines go? Everyday I see at least two cars parking illegally. If every lot had two tickets that would add up to be $21,000 each year. We should eventually pave a new larger parking lot considering the growth of the school.

Yet another problem is the fact that it is illegal to park on many of the streets near the school. This creates even more problems. The side streets around the school need to be open for parking to all students.

The school also issues way too many passes each year. If we’re going to stick with the five lots, we can’t over-park the lots. I have heard from many students that they can’t arrive late or else they won’t get a spot at all.

Parking at Kennedy has many problems. All of these problems could easily be fixed and they need to be addressed.