Speech Night Returns


Jordan Horne

Advertisement for speech night in Kennedy’s hallways.

Kennedy’s Speech Night is back after three years, run by Sophie Steffensmeier, Cael Joens and Ashton Nanke. It will take place on Feb. 28 at 6 p.m. in the Kennedy Black Box.

Throughout this night of speech there will be performances from improv, ensemble acting, a one act play and a short film.  

There are two separate improv groups, the first one consists of junior Calliope Matta, freshman Paxton Hamilton-Bailey and sophomores Tori Paga and Srinidhi Kompella. Their improv group was nominated as a non-performing group for All-State. The second group is sophomore Annie Goodin, juniors Grace Goodin and Maclane Bryner and senior Max Goodin.

Ensemble Acting involves two groups as well. The first group is sophomore Brielle Thatcher and junior Mayah Anderson. The second group consists of sophomore Haile Miller and Paga. 

One-Act consists of one group, involving Matta, Miller and Annie Goodin. The All-State qualifying short film was written, directed and produced by junior Ami Jacobo.

Admission is free but a $3 donation is recommended. 

“I’m excited to show my friends, family and all the people who support speech what we have been working on in the past year,” said Kompella. “I hope to show all the hardwork and effort we’ve put into the competitions and show everyone how fun speech is.”