Kennedy Show Choirs Make Their Debut


Kiera Zwack

Ami Jacobo practicing her choreography during Happiness Inc. rehearsal.

Kennedy’s three show choirs, Chanteurs, Protégé and Happiness Inc., will perform this Thursday at the annual Kennedy Premiere Concert in the auditorium. Each show choir will perform a modified version of their show, three out of five of their songs and without all of the final elements. The Moonlight Jazz Choir will also be performing a few of their songs. 

Premiere marks the beginning of competition season for Protégé and Happiness Inc. Chanteurs, the all-girl group, will be non-competitive this year. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students, available online or upon arrival at the ticket counter.

“Both Protege and Happiness have really interesting shows,” said senior Ava Powers, co-head Happiness technical crew member.

Happiness Inc. and Protégé will have several competitions following  Premiere where their whole show will be performed. 

“There is something magical about seeing a Happiness show. Especially for the first time,” said Powers.