New CRCSD Superintendent Announced 10/26



Art Sathoff will be the interim superintendent.

For two and half years, Noreen Bush led CRCSD as superintendent. Unfortunately, after a two-and-a-half-year battle with cancer, Bush passed away on Sunday, Oct. 28. In her absence, a need for a new superintendent has arisen. 

“So big and heavy because we were all so lucky to have Noreen in our life and as our leader,” Board President David Tominsky said when spoken to at the Oct. 26 school board meeting.

At Wednesday’s meeting, the board of directors announced Art Sathoff as the temporary CRCSD superintendent. He is expected to start Nov. 1 and will act as superintendent until a permanent superintendent is hired.  

Sathoff is a recently retired superintendent, most recently serving in Indianola. In his career, he led an 85% yes to a bond vote that brought together the Indianola community. The board decided he would be a good fit for temporary superintendent as they searched across Iowa school districts.

“I’m honored and humbled to be trusted to serve Cedar Rapids Community District, especially after the loss of Noreen Bush,” Sathoff said. “I plan to work hard and be supportive of the students and staff during this time of transition.”

Sathoff hopes to maintain the momentum that Noreen began within the Cedar Rapids School District.

“My overarching goal is to just make sure that the good things going on in the district continue on, that we can keep positive momentum,” Sathoff said. “That we can support our staff and students, and get through a really tough time after the loss of Superintendent Bush. And just set the district up to continue to be successful as they hire a new leader.”

The date by which a new superintendent will be officially appointed is unknown.