Countdown for prom 2012


prom 2012

Torch Coverage

Story by Steph Keiper

Seniors and their dates will experience the ‘time of their lives’, prom, this Saturday, April 28.

Kennedy prom will be held at Elmcrest Country Club; from 8 to 11 p.m. Grand March starts in the Kennedy black box, auditorium, and cafeteria at 4:30 and lasts until 6 p.m. Students will have the choice to eat there prior to the dance.

Prom isn’t just a one-step deal. There are many steps involved in the preparation process, the first and most crucial step, being asked to attend.

“We were going to have dinner at Chiles, so I got there early and asked them to drizzle in chocolate syrup next to the chocolate cake: ‘Prom?’” Shane Nielsen, sr., said, explaining how he asked his date, alumna Hanna Geiger [’11]. The two also went to last year’s prom together.

Joe Flesner, so., was asked to prom by Janey Day, sr. “She had a huge sign that said, ‘Joe Prom (heart)’”, Flesner said.

Second step in the process of going to prom is the look.

“My dress is strapless, mermaid fit dress. It’s black with beige and gold, and has jewels on the top,” Allie Hutcheson, sr., said.

She bought her dress at Hope’s Bridal, one of the most well-known stores to find a dress during prom season. The store manager reported that the shop sells, on average, several hundred dresses during the Cedar Rapids-area prom season.

Types of gowns that are popular this year are white, hot pink, turquoise, teal, and sequins.

Budgeting for that dress, along with dinner and the price of tickets, is also important in making sure that students can afford the things they need.

Prom tickets cost around $40 for the dance only and $60 for the dance and dinner combined. Tickets were sold in the foyer during school hours.

The third and final step involved in the preparation for the big night is the pre-prom activities.

“I am a class officer so I have to be there early, but we are still getting our pictures taken,” Nielsen said.

“I plan on tanning and getting my nails done and then before prom go out to eat,” Hutcheson said. “I am very excited. I can’t wait to spend time with friends and remembering this for a long time.”