Mysterious Dog Theft From Kennedy Family Ends In Happy Reunion


The Eades Family

Eades family dogs Bowser (left) and Ella (right) posing for a photo.

Imagine leaving a pet outside, then returning to find them missing, without a hint of what happened or where they are. This horror was a reality for the Eades family.

Kennedy senior Daniel Eades’ family dogs, Bowser and Ella, were stolen on Monday, Nov. 8. They were taken at 9:12 p.m. from a post outside a church his father, Mark Eades, locked up every night. 

When Bowser, an 11 year old white Westie, and Ella, a five year old brown Cairn Terrier mix, were stolen, the Eades were devastated.

“The first thing that came to mind was just pure anger, just because they purposely waited exactly until Dad went into the building before they came to take the dogs,” said Daniel Eades.

A security camera from the front of the church caught two people on bikes as they led the dogs away. The footage enraged Mark Eades. 

“I wanted their backpacks, I wanted their bikes and I wanted to destroy them right in front of them,” said Mark Eades.

As the days went on, their feelings of loss became more painful.

“Having to go to work, having to come home to an empty house without the dogs, it reminds me to enjoy what you have while you have it,” said Mark Eades.

Their luck improved when Bowser showed up on the family’s doorstep two days later, alone.

“I heard a distinctive bark. I knew it was Bowser’s bark and I opened the door and just screamed ‘Bowser, Bowser!’” Daniel’s mother, Lisa Eades, said.

Bowser’s return brought both relief and a new fear to the Eades family. They were happy to have Bowser back, but when Ella’s absence continued into the week, their hope became strained. 

“With Ella’s situation it was starting to look pretty bleak,” said Mark Eades. “I mean a dog out on its own over a week is usually not going to survive.”

The family was forced to face the possibility Ella may never return. With no clue toward her whereabouts the family was becoming resigned to the chance they may never see their “Ella Bella Beautiful Girl” again.

“I was trying to get myself to be resolved with that so I could help my family then walk through that journey of letting go,” said Mark Eades.

Thankfully, that road was never traveled. Ella was found the night of Sunday, Nov. 14 without a collar in Anamosa. The woman who found Ella was concerned and brought her to the Anamosa Veterinary Clinic. Ella was identified from her microchip and Mark Eades was informed she had been found.

Mark Eades picked up Ella from the Anamosa vet the next day. With Ella safe, the stolen dogs were reunited at home.

“Just knowing that they’re both home, knowing that she’s home too and that she’s okay … She’s a little shocked, obviously, but she’s okay,” said Daniel Eades. “That relief was just kind of necessary.”

Bowser and Ella’s condition made the Eades suspect the dogs were stolen with the intent to sell them.

“I think he escaped, just because one thing that they both had was that they were both groomed, both had their hair cut and Ella actually had her nails trimmed,” said Daniel Eades. “I’m guessing that they were going to try to get them sold and Bowser found a way to escape and Ella didn’t.”

The Eades are grateful to have both Bowser and Ella back home with them again.

“The joy of coming in the house and having both of them bark at me for a moment is something I cherish even more now,” said Mark Eades.