Kennedy Boys Varsity Golf Reflects on the Season So Far


Jersey Bilyeu

Senior Simeon Jauhiainen prepares himself.

Jersey Bilyeu, Writer

Over the summer, the boys on the Kennedy Varsity Golf team trained long hours and competed in various tournaments over the summer, and it has been effective in their 2021 season.

“The kids have played really really well. They’ve probably played well above the expectations of what I thought we were going to do,” Coach Micheal Green said.

During the 2021 season, Coach Green won the Mississippi Valley Coach of the Year award, Reid Hall was named the top player at Mississippi Valley, and the team placed first in the Valley division.

Green attributes the team’s success to their hard work over the summer and their motivation to play golf. However, Green has a few concerns for the future.

 “Sometimes these guys like to play too much golf, so they can get worn down both physically and mentally,” Green said.

The final weeks of the season look favorable for the cougars as they play at state this weekend.

“Hopefully they play really really well and they can bring some type of trophy home,” Green said.