Prom? Never Heard of Her


Kaylia Richards

2021 Kennedy High School seniors are disappointed once again by the announcement that prom has been cancelled for the second year in a row.

It feels like prom took place decades ago, but in reality it has only been two years for Kennedy High School. 

According to Dana Melone, teacher at Kennedy, the prom was canceled due to social distancing guidelines and overall protection from COVID-19 for all students who would have attended the event.

“We want to do whatever we can for the seniors but we have an obligation to keep them safe,” Melone said. “I am sad we cannot offer this for them but I do not think it is about what is fair or unfair, this is just the nature of the current pandemic”.

Although prom has been canceled amid the current pandemic, third-party events are still planned to take place, such as the Grand March. The Grand March is an event where the students dress up and walk to the music that would have later been played at prom.

Staff, senior officers and parents are brainstorming ideas for events that would be safe for students and staff members.

“If we can come up with something that will keep students masked…we will definitely look into it,” said Melone.