New Year’s Day Shooting Near Kennedy


Haylee Brewer

The Kennedy High School sign located in front of the building.

For Kennedy High School, the new year began with the sound of gunshots.

The shots were heard around 6:00 PM. No one was hurt in the shooting, but one house was damaged. The house was across from Kennedy’s Performing Arts Center.

Dana Melone, psychology teacher at Kennedy, was close by when the shooting occurred. 

“The incident took place near my home, and is something that has never occurred in our neighborhood before and hopefully will never occur again,” Melone said.

No information has been made public about suspected perpetrators or their motives.

“It was certainly scary, but I was so impressed with the way it was handled by CRPD. They did a great job explaining their process to myself and my children. I know how much the incident scared myself and my kids and I cannot imagine the families who live with the fear of this every day in their lives,” Melone said.